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AHJ Wills & Estates can help with many aspects of your financial planning.


Let us answer some of the most common questions regarding will planning.

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Read about the experienced team here at AHJ WIlls & Estates.
AHJ Wills & Estates is a business based in one of Sheffields most historical areas Kelham Island. The area is synonymous with cutlery works, museums, breweries, music studios and now will writing. We specialise in providing clients with will writing, lasting power of attorney and estate planning services.

The team have more than 50 years combined experience of helping assist clients with their hard earned wealth, and ensuring this is passed to their nominated beneficiaries. In this time we have written many wills and referred work to solicitors. We have received constant feedback from clients that solicitors don’t seem interested in the work, getting a solicitor is too expensive to help me with my will. I am very passionate about the service and advice that I provide to clients so on the back of this feedback AHJ Wills & Estates was born.

We will conduct face to face meetings to ensure that what can be a very daunting area to discuss for a lot of people is made simple, understandable and provide peace of mind to clients.

We adhere to the highest of standards of will writing and this is demonstrated by our membership of The Society of Will Writers.

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Will Writing Services

How can AHJ Wills & Estates help you?

AHJ Wills & Estates can help with many aspects of your financial planning. We have specialists within the team and this is what we have focussed on. Simply put we specialise in will writing along with power of attorneys. This includes but is not restricted to:-

  • Single Wills
  • Mirror Wills
  • Lasting Power of Attorneys of Health & Welfare and Finance & Property
  • Protective Property Trusts
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Disabled/Vulnerable Trusts
  • Flexible Life Interest Trusts
  • Corporate Wills

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Considerations When Making Your Will

Disabled Discretionary Trust

Discretionary Trusts

Executors and Trustees

Flexible Life Interest Trust

Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust

Protective Property Trusts

Understanding Your Estate

Why Make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Why Make a Will?

More than 50 years combined experience

Assisting clients with their hard earned wealth

Meet The Team

Andrew Askwith

I am the founder and Managing Director of AHJ Wills & Estates. I am also a Chartered Financial Planner and provide clients with tailored financial advice across a whole spectrum of planning opportunities. Most years I undertake a challenge and look to raise money for charity. In 2021 I decided that this challenge would be the London Marathon. I am not a runner by any stretch however I managed to get round in a reasonable time and raised over £8000.00 for Children with Cancer UK.

I specialise in will writing and tax planning. I work with a select portfolio of high net worth individuals with complex needs and requirements. As a result I have amassed a wealth of experience in complex estates and tax situations. This ensures that I am well positioned to help clients with all of their will and lasting power of attorney requirements.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 children. I have a keen passion for sports. I support Liverpool FC and don’t play football anymore, my legs will only handle golf these days.

Helen Askwith

I am the co-founder and Director of AHJ Wills & Estates. I have worked in finance for the majority of my career and amassed over 15 years of experience in wealth management and asset finance. Having worked for Coutts I have dealt with high net worth individuals with complex tax and estates requirements. This experience pays dividends with will writing and lasting power of attorneys.

I have a very busy lifestyle with working and looking after our 2 children. I really enjoy travelling and now the world is coming back to some degree of normality it would be great to start to get on some holidays again. I enjoy spending my spare time socialising with family and friends.

Victoria Haycock

I have worked in the financial industry for over 16 years. The majority of this time has been spent in wealth management, including 7 years working for Coutts where I broaden my knowledge of inheritance tax planning.

Outside of work I have a young family and enjoy going on holiday and spending time in the peak district, I also have a huge passion for baking.

Ben Bainbridge

Having worked in small and medium sized accountancy practices for 7 years, I decided to make a career switch and put my finance experience to use in the wealth management industry. I have a vast amount of experience in dealing with complex tax situations and I am excited to be applying this knowledge as an estate practitioner. A large part of wealth management is estate planning and  I am keen to learn and broaden my knowledge in all aspects of wills and estate planning.

Outside of work I am a huge sports fan and a long suffering Rotherham United season ticket holder. I  also enjoy the gym and fitness (on and off), socialising with friends and family and looking after our two mischievous cats.

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Will Writing FAQs

What is a will?

A will is a document in which you outline your assets (property, money, investments, possessions etc) and how you want these to be distributed upon your death.

You will also appoint a person or professional to conduct the administration of your estate. This role is known as an executor.

You can also appoint guardians for your children if they are minors upon your death.

If you die without a will this is called dying intestate. This means that your estate will be passed in accordance with a set of statutory rules. As a result your nominated beneficiaries may not inherit your assets.

Do I Need A Will?
There is no legal requirement to have a will in place, however it is advisable to put one in place. This is the only way to ensure that your loved ones will benefit from your hard work and assets you have built up in your lifetime.
Why Make a Will?

By making a will this can ensure:-


  • Your hard earned assets are passed to whom you would like to inherit them. If you do not make a will then you could inadvertently leave assets to estranged relatives or the government.
  • Your children are looked after by whom you would like to bring them up, by appointing legal guardians.
  • Incorporate trusts to ensure that assets are accessible in a way you would like the beneficiary to receive them.
  • Reduce Inheritance Tax (IHT) payable upon your estate.
  • Your wishes are clearly written in a document. This could ensure there are no arguments over your estate.
  • If you were to ask your partner what song you would want playing at your funeral do you think they would know? With a will you can ensure your funeral plans are incorporated.
Do I need a Solicitor to write my will?
In short No. By all means you can see a solicitor to write your will however this may cost more than a will writing professional.
What Happens if I change my mind after I have made my will?
This is no problem at all. It is very important to ensure your will reflects your current wishes. If you need to make any amendments then please get in touch with the team at AHJ Wills & Estates.
How much does it cost to have a will written?
This all depends upon the complexity of the will. We can provide wills from a little as £120.
What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?
A Lasting Power of Attorney is a document in which you would provide an individual or individuals legal authority to manage your affairs should you lose mental capacity.
What Are the Types of Lasting Power of Attorney?

There are 2 types of Lasting Power of Attorney. There is one for health and welfare and one for finance and property.

Health and Welfare – This would allow your nominated agent to make day to day care decisions on your behalf should you have lost mental capacity to do so yourself.

Finance and Property – This would allow your nominated agent the legal authority to manage your financial affairs on your behalf, should you have lost mental capacity to do so yourself.

What happen if I do not have lasting power of attorney in place?
If this is the case, then it is likely that the court of protection would be involved. The court of protection would conduct an assessment of your mental capacity and if the court deems fit, they would appoint a deputy. The deputy may not be someone you would have wanted to be making what could be huge decisions.